][ A Child of the Revolition ][ (tigertibbytabby) wrote in thequestionclub,
][ A Child of the Revolition ][

I'm the foster of a new baby kitten, at most 2-4 weeks old. My friend needed someone to foster a set of kittens, and me and a group of friends took one each. He's adorable, grey little male, and he's loud and busy. That being said, I do not know why he hasn't peed. I bottle fed him at least five times today carnation milk, and I know about stimulating his privates so he wants to pee....but...

1. His sister and brother already pee on their own. Can he just be the slightly slower one?

2. I don't know if I'm stimulating right. I'm just rubbing downward on his tummy to his tush. Am I doing it wrong?

What should his name be?
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