jo cirillo (sweetweird) wrote in thequestionclub,
jo cirillo

medical oddity?

So I went in my friends hot tub on Monday night. By the next morning, my palms were all sore but I assumed it was a bruise since I wasn't completely sober and I was hitting things pretty hard. But this morning, the bruises hadn't gone away and it actually spread to the bottom of my feet and I can't walk. I went to the doctors (hobbled in to the doctors) and he gave me Pretnazone I think and something else.

Has this ever happened to you or any one you know? The doctor said "Wow, I have never seen anything like this before." And called his doctor friend in immediatly to look at me. It was pretty funny, but I just really hope it goes away soon. Any information besides amputation would be nice.

Edit: Sorry, he said it was an infection of some kind, and on my arms and stomach (I didn't even notice!!) I have an allergic reaction.
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