Hannu (200222222200200) wrote in thequestionclub,

What age do you think is appropriate for one to start drinking and being let out to parties?

If you are a parent [if you arent pretend you are] would you tell your child to wait untill the age where you can legally go out clubbing and buying alcohol [18 here] or let them to go to partys do drugs smoke and drink when they fell their old enough.
My step-brother is 15 and hes into drugs alcohol and partying which is insane because of how old he is.
Im 18 and i dont drink, ive never been drunk and i dont like going to partys or doing drugs.
I'ts just not my cup of tea. I dont think that really effects me on how i view him at the moment but he is just stupid.
But i do think 15 is faaarr too young!
Disagree or agree?!?!
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