Nadia (anarkya) wrote in thequestionclub,

Help me find the perfect present!

Long story short, me and my hubby were having money problems. He lost his job, they went into bankruptcy, and they didn't pay him for a month and half, which is illegal here, lied about the paycheck and after the place closed, they didn't had any money to pay the employees. We ended up with no money at all. Only our little savings.
My husband's aunt helped us big time by giving us money to pay the rent, money for food etc. She's in her 60s, lost a son to suicide a year ago, her husband died 15 years ago or so and he was beating her. She had a rough life.
She helped us, listened to us and she's the kinda aunt that, every autumn she will bake apple pies for everyone. A real gem and such a caring person.

Now that me and hubby are doing better money wise (He found a new job) we started refunding her and we wanna give her a present. Something sweet to thank her and remind her that she's an amazing person.
We found a card but we have no idea what to get her!

So, What should we get that amazing lady?
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