Katie (burntheladle) wrote in thequestionclub,

How do you address an email that is going to multiple people?

I am trying to convince my university to allow me to extend my international exchange (from one semester to a full year), and I need to send an email to: my head of workshop, the Art School Exchange Co-Ordinator, and the University's International Mobility Program Co-Ordinator. I've met and spoken to all three of these people, so "to whom it may concern" seems too impersonal, but I need to email all three at once so they are all involved in the same email, so I can't address them individually. What do I dooo?

Also, I'm fairly sure I'm going to get back a reply of "no". What is a polite way to say that I want a better reason than "it's just not done", which is the one I suspect I will be given?
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