longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,

I heard something

Today at the bus stop a girl who was probably about 18 was on the phone with her (probably now ex) boyfriend, very upset, and I couldn't help but overhear, she was quite loud and distraught. All 'I love you has 8 letters but baby,  so has bullshit!" and all "My bedroom wall is going to love me." "yeah, I'll smash it again" "I don't care, I can do worse damage than that. Want me to prove it?" "Don't tell me you love me, or I'll punch you"  and "I'm not keeping it, not after what you did" "No, not after he's been fucking lying to me all along!" etc

I was feeling a bit sorry for her, even though she was clearly one of those... people who get angry upset. I wanted to check on her afterwards, or tell her something reassuring. Later on the bus a guy she knew tried to ask her something, and she really angrily was saying (loudly) that he has to leave her alone, she doesn't want to talk, just leave her alone, because she just found out her boyfriend cheated on her. The guy she was talking to gave me a 'woah, sorry you had to hear that/yikes overreaction' sort of look when I got off one stop after her.

Should I have said something to her?
What should I have said? (or could I have said. Entertain me)
What dramaey things have you  heard at bus stops?
Will they get back together?
Do you threaten violence against things when you're really upset?
Have you ever wanted to randomly comfort someone you don't know? (have you done it?)

I hope she's alright. Is she alright?
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