Cort (fluorescent_x) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, my friend is here complaining about her whole body itching and she's breaking out in these little red dots. I've already looked on WebMD for her and I couldn't find anything, so I'm turning here to see if anyone may have an idea.

These little dots are appearing all over her body, but not in huge patches and not a lot at once, they're very small and aren't really showing up in specific areas other than her sides, chest and back. They're just everywhere in general. She says they're only prickly, sting and burn when she scratches but otherwise, they're just really itchy and annoying.

I know this isn't incredibly in detail, but there's only really so much I write...

Does anyone have any suggestions to what they may be? I'm not ruling out chickenpox, but I doubt that's what they are. I'm thinking it's a heat rash or maybe just an allergic reaction from all the funky weather.

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