. (ladylamented) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Do you pronounce "adversary" as ad-VER-se-ree or AD-VER-sary?
2. Bus etiquette! Public transportation bus etiquette to be specific. Two people to a seat. All seats have a least one butt on them. You're sitting next to someone; you have the aisle seat. Is it proper bus etiquette for you to move as soon as someone gets off the bus so both you and your stranger have your own seats? Would you stay where you were?
3. Another bus question! I find that men are statues while women are more likely to accommodate another person on the seat. Women will move over and scrunch their legs together and make room for you while guys won't move an inch. Has this been true for you on your bus travels? What about you? Do you squeeze your body together to make room for someone? Are you male or female? Does it depend on whether or not the newbie is a male or female?
4. Do you believe "everything happens for a reason"? Explain. As for me, I think this is bull.
5. Do you know who's in my icon? (If you would like/need another picture, see my other icon)
6. What's your favourite music genre? No cheating: only name one! Bonus points for favourite song within favourite music genre.
7. Has your gas prices gone down as much as ours has? Ours has returned to pre-summer prices. (around CAN$0.80)
8. Please don't name names, that may cause drama and I would like to keep that out of this. Names aren't necessary anyway. I'm simply curious to see if other people have noticed these kinds of things.

Have you noticed that certain members of tqc seemed to have changed personalities? One that I'm thinking of - s/he used to be snarky all the time but seems as docile as a sheep now. It's confused me. Another one used to be quite nice, I thought, but now s/he's quite the bastard more often than not. I don't read these people's journals so I don't know if it's because of something they're going through or not. But these changes in personalities that I've observed only through comments to multiple kinds of questions seems really odd. And it's not just these two. Around four or five, I've noticed, and I make a note to read their comments especially.

No offense is intended to anybody. And please, refrain from using names if you comment.
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