Patricia Braverman-Knope (rhetoricians) wrote in thequestionclub,
Patricia Braverman-Knope

 TQC, I have a job issue. :[

There's a new coffee/book shop combo opening downtown at my campus. I applied for the coffee shop, and while I was waiting for my interview, the owner of the book shop walked past, and we got to talking. She found out my name, and seemed to really like me, and asked me if I'd like to come by and get an application this upcoming Monday. I said sure, had my interview with the coffee shop, whatever.

The coffee place emailed me today and extended me an offer. They would like a reply ASAP about whether or not I accept the job, and training goes Tuesday-Thursday. Ideally, I'd not reply to the coffee people until I can talk to the book shop Monday, but I don't think it's a good idea or fair or realistic or any of that other crap to give them a day's notice, and they might take back their offer for all I know.

I would grow to enjoy being a barista, I think, but my passion is much more in books - coffee is "just all right" with me. The problem is, I'm afraid that if I tell the coffee shop no, I won't end up getting a job at the book store, and I need a job enough now that I can't afford to not have one. So what would you do, TQC? Wait until Monday, talk to the book shop, and give the coffee shop short notice and hope they don't bitch? Deny the coffee shop and cross your fingers for the book shop? Or just suck it up and accept the barista job? Halp.
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