aibell the quene (sheisaeval) wrote in thequestionclub,
aibell the quene

One day I'd like to move somewhere, so anyone has suggestions for what cities or even areas you think would be a good fitting for me?

Currently I'm in Austin Texas. Which I like, for the most part, except I hate the summers.

I'm looking for a place that has -

-Mild weather (no harsh freezing winters, no blistering hot summers) - (how much sunny days and cloudy days doesn't matter that much)
-A very liberal/democratic city
-Near (within an hour or two driving distance) some kind of nature/parks, lakes/rivers,
hills/mountains, etc.
-Plenty of stuff to do like museums, zoos, libraries, etc nearby (within an hour or two)
-Low cost of living
-Near a large city, but not in it. (within 2 hours drive)
-Most people are educated
-Relatively good air/water quality
-Relatively low crime
-A pretty city (nice scenery, etc) would be a plus too.

If you don't know any places that fit ALL of these, at least fit the first five would be helpful.

Added: Because of the stupid ban on gay marriage that I am ashamed to say that passed in Texas, it makes me want to get away from here and its stupidity and bigots even more.
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