Sasha (bender_927) wrote in thequestionclub,

Based on aaaaaaaaaaaall your past/present naughtiness, which circle of hell would you be assigned to in Dante's Inferno?

The Gate of Hell - Cowards who refused to take a stand for or against God

Forever running and getting stung by wasps.

Circle one - Limbo

Virtuous pagans, Virgil, Plato. Unfulfilled desire and hopelessness.

Circle two - The lustful

Francesa and Paolo. Cleopatra. Eternally being swirled in wind.

Circle three - The gluttons

Guarded by the three-headed dog, Cerberus. Eating slime and muck.

Circle four - The prodigal and the miserly

Hoarders and wasters pushing an enormous stone against each other.

Circle five - The wrathful and the sullen

Thrashing and bodies torn apart in dark filthy water.

Circle six - The heretics

Living in smoking tombs.

Circle seven - The violent, the suicides, the blasphemers, the sodomites, the usurers

A river of boiling blood guarded by Centaurs. Souls become a forest of suffering trees, others torn apart by dogs, rain of fire, mutilation.

Circle eight - Fraudulent, pimps, seducers, flatterers, simonists, sorcerers, corrupt politicians, sewers of division, falsifiers, alchemists, thieves

Eternally walking and tormented. Living in excrement. Stuffed into holes. Heads turned backwards. Boiling tar. Lead capes. Snakes. Flames.

Circle nine - Sinners against family, betrayers, traitors against country

Encased in ice. Home of Satan. Cannibalism. Judas being eternally chewed by Lucifer.

I'LL BE SEEIN' Y'ALL IN CIRCLE TWO. Hope I get a cool pussy penis attack like in the game. =/
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