APHRODITE (4ever_captivatd) wrote in thequestionclub,

Is there a way to mass delete more than one friend at a time on facebook? Myspace used to have that handy "edit friends" option where you could just check boxes and remove friends by the dozens. I need that feature in my facebook life...
EDIT: A couple people already solved this problem ^ for me! Thank you. So disregard that question!

What should I do for my 21st birthday? I've had a lot of ideas but I can't really decide what I want to do. I've thought about doing my power hour at midnight the night before and then the actual night of my bday doing dinner with close fam/friends.. I've thought about just doing the close dinner and no power hour.. and I've also thought about going to Vegas. Or if you guys have other suggestions I'd love to hear them.

In your opinion, who are the two most attractive male and the two most attractive female celebs right now?

And finally, what are the top 3 places that you would want to vacation to, if money/time/etc was not an object?
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