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My mother is going to India for two weeks tomorrow, and after spending my entire adolescence being a big fat loser, I'm finally going to fulfill my teenagerly duty to have a ~crazy~ party while she's gone. It's also going to be a sort-of 20th birthday party for a girl I've known since I was six.

Anyway, what I desire of YOU, good readers, is suggestions of how to make my boring cluttered house into somewhere people will enjoy getting wasted in poorly-made and mildly humiliating costumes.

The themes are 'obscure animals' and/or 'inanimate objects' (couldn't choose between the two) so that doesn't really help with decorating etc all that much.

I need to jazz up my lounge room (couches/coffee table/fireplace/other stuff, it's just a regular sized average lounge room I guess) and the outside area, which is really just some paving with a table and some grass and whatnot.

Budget is as small as I can possibly make it, but I'm pretty crafty and have paints/glue/fabric/lots of pretty fairy lights and stuff. Also there's gonna be around 15-20 ish people.

So what say ye, TQC? I hardly EVER host parties so I want this to be fabulous.

Also, any music suggestions? Most of my friends are hipster artfaggy types, so leaning towards that kind of shit but still fun party music would be great. My music collection is not very party-ish.

Or if that is far too fucking long to be bothered reading, what would YOU come as to my fabulous party?
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