M. (mmmsogood) wrote in thequestionclub,

Question about a job application

If I'm applying for a job and there are two different jobs available, cashier and floor staff, where can I mention my preference for this? Do I just put it on my resume as well? If so, how do I write it? (What's the heading I mean.)

The thing is I don't really mind either...I guess my preference would be cashier but how I say I would like either one?

More background info: This is an on-campus job at the bookstore, main shop, or the techshop, and we were told to just email our resume and schedule... or should I put my desired position in the email itself?

ALSO, there are 3 locations you can work at, so should I also mention where I'd prefer to be placed, or it doesn't really matter? (My only preference is that it's not the tech shop lol.)

Thank you very much for any help, I'm really bad with this stuff. ^__^

edit: what would be an ideal subject to put in the subject line (for the email) >.<
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