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ethical dilemma...

I am modeling (nude) for an art class tonight, on campus. I didn't tell my boyfriend I was going to do it--I had told him they were looking for models, and what they paid, and he was like "well it's your body, but I think they are underpaying people" and didn't seem really upset or excited either way about it. I tell him? He most likely will call tonight, and I won't answer. I was thinking of saying that some group had a meeting tonight, because he can't keep track of what I do. (he's not a jerk, just very busy, and he has a terrible memory--he remembers the important things!)


(I'm not normally deceptive, but I just know this is one of those things...I've wanted to do it for a while, but I don't want him being all chivalrious on me.)

ETA: Okay, I most likely will tell him, then, but now I don't know when...he gets done with work at 6 (and all I can do until then is text message, and I don't think it would work well that way), and I go at 6:30. I suppose I could tell him when I get home later tonight. Or not go. Ah, I don't know.

ETA again: I told him afterward, he just said, "whatever trips your trigger", but I don't think he's especially thrilled...oh well, I might buy him something nice with the money! They also want me back next Tuesday, and I really was very comfortable and enjoyed myself.
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