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Ok, so I have always been very midly nearsighted in my right eye - enough to have glasses, but not need to wear them ever really, unless maybe I was at the waaaaay back of a movie theater or something.

However in the past 5-6 months, I have noticed my vision getting much worse quite quickly. I now can't drive without my glasses, especially at night (at night I can't see the lane line paint marks anymore without them, or read even interstate street signs). In fact even with them on it's not that great - the glasses aren't strong enough anymore, and even in the daytime I'm starting to have trouble reading signs and seeing turn lanes, etc. (yes I'm getting new glasses :P)

Now, just this week, I've noticed that I can barely read the text on papers stuck to the wall on the other side of my cube (~3 feet away.) And I'm starting to have to squint to read the (small print) phone list which sits on the desk to next to my left hand.

So, my question is - is it normal to have your vision go this bad so quickly, even if you were a little bit nearsighted to begin with? It's only the right eye that seems to be going. And I haven't had any changes to my normal routine in the last few months - I still sit at a desk in front of a monitor for 8 hours a day, though I did get a new flat monitor recently.

Any ideas on why my vision could be going bad all of a sudden?

EDIT: Ok, ok, I have an appt for 2:30 on Thursday! :P
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