Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you think theres a significant difference between the class material you learn in the basic 1000 level classes (or however your school does it) depending on whether you go to a Community College compared to a University?

I ask because I have friends who went to and are going to community college and they've taken psych classes. (Because everyone and their mother wants my major) However, when I try to talk to them about the stuff in my class its way over their heads. Im in plain old intro to psych just like them, but we seem to get a lot more in depth. Semesters are the same, class hours pretty much is it just because Im at a university?

Obviously it could just be my class...however, I know people going to community colleges in Michigan, California, and Florida. All of them seem to have the same sorta summarized version of classes.
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