Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have to go to my parents' house for the week of thanksgiving. I'm being picked up by my mom, fair enough. I get along with my mother.
The rest of her family, though, is borderline white trash. The people I hang out with are my cousin travis, because even though I can't believe a word his pathological liar mouth says, the stories are interesting, and my cousin cody, because he got the freak mutant smart gene. he's 12. I'm 19. we talk just fine.

So it's a week of bad food (cooking is no-one's strong suit), nothing to do, middle of nowhere... family asking me about college and boys and mocking the fact that I'd rather sit in the corner and read...
Also my father. My father and I don't get along... He listens to Rush Limbaugh, was in the military for 20+ years, and demands perfection(asked me in earnest, when i opened my SAT results, whether I got a 1600. No. i got a 1400. I *had* been proud of my score, thanks Dennis). He also seems to think I can't do jack shit with my life. At one point it looked like I might be able to graduate college early, with all the credits I'd be bringing in. "Oh, I don't think you should." "Yeah, If I'm on scholarship I might as well gor for the whole four years." "Yeah. I mean, you can be a mcdonalds manager in four years or a manager in 3."
I don't tell him things, he doesn't ask my mom things about me. He doesn't know I have two majors, he doesn't know I have a boyfriend. i've had a boyfriend for a year.

So, that's the background. now, to *leave*, to go home, I have the option of a) my father drives me home on friday or b) my grandmother driving me home on staturday or sunday. I probably won't be allowed to drive with my father(from an argument where he dangled the keys over my head and said I couldn't have them unless I called him Dad, after calling him Dennis all weekend), and my grandmother drives the old lady van of doom that I don't *want* to drive.

Either way, I'll be listening to headphones as much as I can.

Do I want to ride with my father, which will get me home faster and be a shorter drive but be with my father, or ride with my grandmother, which will be later, a longer drive, and... I don't know. she's old, and it's a 2 hour drive each way... and somehow the scenery just looks less interesting out of her windows....?
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