iwhisperwolf (iwhisperwolf) wrote in thequestionclub,

Nerdy post alert... 

Do you have any character crushes from movies, books etc?
(Just like a celebrity crush, but the character itself not the actor playing them.)

Bonus points for pics.
(And of course there's no obligation to go into as much detail as I did)

My movie ones are under the cut.

Amelie. From "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain"
She's at the top for a reason,
That being, she's indescribably perfect.


Maggie from "City Of Angels"
Smart, adorable, independent and
self sufficient without being cold.
All this is a recipe for hotness.
It doesn't hurt that I have always
empathized with the "Seth" character.

Fred from "Angel"
Timid & shy almost to the point of
annoying, but somehow made
that work anyway. Adorably nerdy.
Intelligent & in possession of a 
wicked dark side.

Akasha from "Queen of the damned"
Beautiful, mysterious & IN CHARGE.
She could tell me all the secrets of
Kemet any time. Sometimes I like
them a little (lot) Dangerous.

Ayla from "Clan Of The Cave Bear"
One of my oldest crushes. I've been
swooning over her since I was 8
years old or so. She's powerful &
feminine in a beautifully primal way.
She has lived through a lot of 
adversity and that speaks to me.

Selene from "Underwold"
Another vamp... I'm sure I'm not alone
with this one. She's brave enough to
defy the only father she's known & 
leave her world for love. Being played by 
Kate doesn't hurt.

Anna Diaz from "Gemini Devision"
Ok I'm cheating with this one, she's 
an ok character, but the biggest reason
she's here is because the show is shot
in the first person, meaning that Rosario
Dawson is actually talking to ME. And that
is a dream come true.

Indra Ové from "Interview With The Vampire"
I'm not entirely sure why I love this character 
so much, maybe because I want to rescue her,
Maybe just because she's beautiful, maybe
because the performance was intense for how
short the scene was. She made me swoon & 
feel like a monster, all in the same breath.
Indra Ové is one of the most underrated 
actresses in Hollywood.

That's all that comes to mind tonight.
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