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Due to some family issues, some (I think I'm down to about 2 that haven't been turned in) of the 20 odd books I took out from my university library got misplaced, moved, and put in storage. I am still on the hunt for the few that have not been returned. I got an email or two about them, along with the charges associated, and this past week I noticed that the charges were applied to my university account. They were a couple of months overdue.

I have no problem accepting the fact that I will probably have to pay for these insanely expensive books. Once I get my tax return, that is most likely where the money is going. However, if those charges got moved to university billing, will that effect my ability to borrow books on my card? My anxiety about this is causing me to sit here and weigh the options of going downstairs and asking to take out this book, only to have them pull up my account and see the amount I need to pay. My tax return will be here next week. :( I'd really prefer to check out this political theory textbook and just go home to read it, but I also don't want to get emotional about the fact that my stuff got all mixed up and my father sucks and the drama that has come along with living at home, which would be inevitable if I explained at all about the lost books.

Does your university library, once it moves the charges to your actual university account rather than the library account, allow you to borrow books? My last university did, but I'm not sure if that was an uncommon thing.

dk/dc - Did you use bubble diagrams in school when you were younger? I remember having to do them in high school at one point, and today I decided to do one for my stupid paper on Kant and Humes in relation to universal health care. I feel pretty stupid with my bubble sheet all worked out, but I think it made my paper easier to write so oh well, I don't care if I look dumb. :D

Do you use rich text or html when posting on LJ?
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