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Hi tqc, want to help me?

I'm a 4th year Civil Engineering student, and am starting to consider what I am going to do for my senior project next year (I'm taking an extra year). Generally, CE students just register for a senior project class, get split into groups, and do something like design a bridge. I have recently decided that I would much rather go into education, probably something at the high school level.

So, this is where your creative minds come in. I'd like to have a project that incorporates engineering AND education. I was thinking of trying to do some sort of outreach thing for minorities and females (since I am female), but I'm not sure how to incorporate my engineering knowledge into this. As an example, I know of an aerospace student who is designing something that only an aerospace student could design, and is going to have kids test it out to see if it helps them learn.

Things I can work with / design:
+ Structures that don't move (bridges, buildings, etc)
+ Pipes for waterlines, sewage, etc
+ Foundation design and anything that has to do with working with and building on soil
+ Things that have to do with roads, traffic, highways, etc

So, tqc, what do you think? What ideas do you have as far as interesting senior projects that I can do?

What do you want to major in? Are you actually going to major in it?
Or, what did you major in? Do you enjoy it now?
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