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You might remember my idiot 18 year old cousin who sent a mass email out about how she's getting married and it's her life and blah blah blah.  Well, they didn't get married!! Why you might ask?  They didn't have the 200 bucks it would cost.  They thought you could just get married.  Now they are stationed near each other, and she just got a bonus and tax return.  They are looking for 'the perfect car", possibly a BMW.  This girl will not settle for a used car, it will most likely be a brand new one.  I'm wondering why they don't use that money and actually GET MARRIED!  Why would they not get married with that money?? 
and this douche bag 'boyfriend' of hers seems to only take pictures with his shirt off, while pulling a "blue steel" look at the camera.  In the bathroom mirror of course. 

What's the dumbest picture you've taken, or seen? 

ETA: wow.. the first time I posed the email she sent out, everyone on TQC was all about it. I guess a month really changes you people. jesus christ.
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