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1) How do you feel about the recent proposed changes to the US history text books from Texas?

2) Has anyone here ever dabbled or made a career in freelance writing?  Honestly, how tough of a go is it?

Some of the things they want to change sound, for lack of a better phrase, Big Brotherish.  For example, no focus on Latino culture.  History text books don't say much about the growing Hispanic population as it is.  My text book (which wasn't all that long ago) basically said that Mexicans lived in America illegally and that's about it.  So what, they want us to pretend that Hispanic Americans just don't exist?  Also, not listing Jefferson as one of the intellectuals whose writings helped to shape American society, culture, and politics (basically because he pushed the whole separation of church and state).  They want to place more focus on how America was founded on Christian principles - which is true.  But America was founded on other principles and was shaped by other ideologies.  To ignore this is the intellectual equivalent of plugging your ears with your fingers and going, "Lalala it didn't happen!"

Also, making the anti-communist effort during the Cold War seem positive is ridiculous to me.  I'd venture to say that most Americans still have that anti-communism spirit.  However, what people find so distasteful about McCarthyism is that McCarthy, HUAC, and others of their ilk abused their power and used fear to control the people they claimed to be protecting.  The conservatives who have proposed this should know better.  Conservative ideology claims that it wants to move away from big evil government so that the people won't be taken advantage of.  Supporting the tactics of the goverment during this time period is a direct contradiction (I know, I know, these people probably don't know at all what they're supposed to be representing).

They also want to change certain terminology.  So "imperialism" becomes "expansionism" and "capitalism" becomes "free market."  And "pile of shit" becomes "bouquet of roses" yet it still smells the same.  Go figure.

Also they want to "include country and western music among the nation’s important cultural movements. The popular black genre of hip-hop is being dropped from the same list."  When I think of music being representative in some way of important cultural shifts, I think of rock-and-roll and hip-hop.  Rock-and-roll is already discussed at length because of the 60's.  Country and Western music don't seem any more culturally relevant than hip-hop.  I don't want to point a finger and cry racism but sometimes things look fishy at least to me.
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