redheaded_muse (redheaded_muse) wrote in thequestionclub,

what should I do?

This happened like, a year ago.

I used to go for walks at night (like, midnight; I have insomnia) and 3 guys in a car saw I was female, slowed down, honked at me, pulled up 2 blocks away, and parked. Then they got out of their car and walked towards me, and I walked faster. I looked back and one of the three had cut across the lot and was really close to me, and he would have had to walk fast to get that far.

I ran home, terrified, and made it okay. I don't know where the other 2 guys were.

I still remember what the car looks like, and I thik I saw it pull into a house near my neighborhood. There were teenage/20 something guys in it, but afamily lives in that house, so either one of the guys is their kid or they kow him.

Should I say something to the people who live there? Leave a note? I'm 80% sure it's the same car; the headlights in the back are the same as I remember, and they looked unusual. They should know what their kid is up to...

BTW, I had a TRUE fight or flight response, not just a scared feeling.

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