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So TQC, My boyfriend (of almost 3 years) is going to buy me a diamond ring for my birthday, next month. I dont want an engagement ring yet, so I asked for a promise ring. In this case "promise ring" means "pre-engagement ring". :) I picked out my fave ring http://www.kay.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product1%7C10101%7C10001%7C-1%7C22339509%7C15054%7C. Isnt it beautiful?! I am going to give him his ring that he picked out for our 3 year anniversary in July which is also the month of his bday, too. Im so excited, I feel like this is a really big step in our relationship. We are already living together and also go to college together. We both want to wait to get married until after college when we have secure jobs. The rings are a way for us to symbolize our promise to eachother to eventually get married and to symbolize our love and commitment.

my boyfriends parents suck. they dont support our relationship at all and they hate me because I am not filipino. My boyfriends mother pays for his education. She would shit a ton of bricks if she found out we were engaged before he finished his education. I know there is no difference between this promise ring and a long engagement. we kind of just had to compromise and get the promise rings so that his mom wouldnt freak out. its better than nothing, imo.
My questions:

What do you think about promise rings for Pre engagement? Do you think that its a common thing for a couple to do or is it weird?
I think that a ring and what it stands for is a wonderful thing to exchange and experience with someone you love. I dont know if its common.

What do you think about promise rings for a celibacy pledge?
I think its a lame purpose for a ring. I think sex is an important part in a relationship and there is no way I would give that up lol!

How long would you have to date someone before you would marry them?
prob a few years. I guess it depends on where you are in life...

will you please show me your rings/share your stories?
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