fts_apple_pi (fts_apple_pi) wrote in thequestionclub,

idk if this makes any sense...

My boyfriend Neil is at a fam reunion in switzerland. I am stuck at home alone on spring break. today I hung out with a mutual guy friend of ours and one of his close friends. I had a few drinks, shared a few laughs, made some pizzas. and played pool with the two guys. nothing out of the ordinary. but I am bad at reading guys when they flirt so I need ur opinions lol!

if your guy friend (joe) u just hung out with all day sends you a text saying "No offense to Neil and I'm not trying to hit on you, but you looked really pretty tonight, just thought you should know. have a goodnight" would you consider that hitting on you, or just being nice?
and now he wants to hang out again just the two of us... come back over to my house and have a few drinks and shoot some pool.... what would you do? do you think if i do hang out with him alone he would try to put the moves on me?

I am 100 percent faithful to my boyfriend and I dont want to put myself in an awkward situation with our friend... joe has never ever said anything like this to me before and it is kind of out of character for him.
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