catherine wiel. (falltotry) wrote in thequestionclub,
catherine wiel.

helmets are for squares OR brain injuries are srs business?

do you wear a helmet when you ride a bicycle?

among your peers, are helmets considered cool or uncool? does this affect your decision?

have you ever been hit by a car while riding? how about while not riding?

for those that do take appropriate safety precautions, what do you think when you see people riding without helmets in general? how about when someone tells you that they don't wear one because it messes up their hair/is uncomfortable with their hairstyle (pigtails, a high ponytail, multiple braids, etc)?

how often do you ride? do you use your bike for commuting or for recreation (or both)?

do you live in a place with a lot of traffic, or is it fairly quiet? do you ride on the street or on trails?

and something that has been driving me craaaaaaaazy: do you ever see people riding their bikes and not wearing their helmets but carrying said helmets with them? like strapped to their backpacks or in their baskets? WTF IS GOING ON HERE???
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