isacoconut (isacoconut) wrote in thequestionclub,

leftovers, prease

So for my new job that I'm starting on Monday I'll have about a 20-30 min. commute and have to be there by 7 (AND the clocks are changing forward this weekend, lolol). Needless to say, I am not going to be waking up any earlier than I have to to make lunch! What are your favorite meals/recipes/dishes to make for dinner that make great leftovers? I'd love to be able to stick some extra in a plastic container at night and take it out of the fridge to work with me in the morning. I'll have lots of time in the afternoon/evening, so preparation time/effort isn't really an issue.

Thanks in advance!

(I also posted this to cooking, but FUCK their moderated posting, who knows when it'll get approved >:( ugh)
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