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Okay the rules have been updated. A couple of things I want to note here:

1. We're extending the no questions about free image hosting to questions about free web site hosting as well. Use a search engine. Everyone has heard of Tripod, Angelfire, and Geocities. Start there.

2. Questions that violate Terms of Service. This includes (but is not limited to) questions asking about illegal activities and how to go about them. Unfortunately, this includes questions about downloading music without getting caught by the RIAA. This is not something that the admins necessarily agree with but all it takes is one person complaining that we're discussing something that's illegal and our community gets suspended. And frankly, I really like this community and the most of the questions asked spark good discussion. We've had little problems with flame wars the entire time of existence which is very surprising considering we're almost to the 600 member mark. And we have so many watching the community which makes me very happy as well. ^_^

We debated about the ToS thing for quite a while, as the music downloading question was a good question. But... it could be taken as promoting illegal activity and unfortunately that means we had to delete the post. I sincerely apologize for this...

There may be followup Admin posts from silvermask and shippo as well if they have anything to add to this.

PLEASE... read over the rules before posting. Even if you've read them before, as there have been changes and I did not mention them all here. Everything you need to know is on the UserInfo.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or one of the other two admins.

Also, silvermask will be archiving good questions and/or repeat questions into the community's memories. So in the future we will have ourselves a mini search engine type thing. Keep an eye on the memories before you ask a common question. The answer may already be there. ^_^

Thank you.

And my question:

Do you have any objections to our rules, and if so what are your reasons? Do you feel that any rules should be added? If you do, what rules, and why?

We are open to suggestions and will consider them. Thank you.
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