piperki (piperki) wrote in thequestionclub,

SD camera card?

I just bought a camera from woot.com (Kodak Easyshare c190) and it came with no memory card; it takes an SD card. My old camera used a CompactFlash card, so I have no familiarity with SD and what the various numbers and specs mean when I'm looking at them online.

When it says speed "X" or "60X" or whatever, what exactly is X, and how much X does a typical user need? I usually take single shots, I don't use it for video very often, I don't shoot "continuous" more than 1-2 pictures etc.
When it says "professional high speed," does this have any meaning at all? Because "professional high speed" at my local camera store costs double or more what the Kodak SD card costs at Target.com.
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