June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I was just invited to this rec night at my friend's church. I'm not a religious person though I believe in a higher power, and I am definitely not a church person.

He did the whole conning me into it thing by saying hey wanna come hang out we're gonna have food and video games and board games and ping pong and I was like hell yes and he's like it's at my church and I was like ughhhh to myself but I told him that it still sounds fun because hey it does, just not as fun as it originally sounded. </valleygirl>

Considering the fact that most Christians around here are evangelicals, I will probably be preached to and/or having people trying to convince me to come to their services. This in and of itself will not bother me but I know that I will not come. Would it be prudent of me to offer up white lies in telling them I will consider it or would it be best to be up front and say that church isn't my thing?

If you were a con artist, what type of scams would you pull?

ETA: The more I consider this, the more I really don't want to go. Ugh, I hate thinking about backing out of social situations I've already committed to. I'm in a quandary now. Go and potentially have my Friday night ruined by being proselytized at or not go and potentially have no plans at all?
ETA again: Told him I'm not going. eff that.

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