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Long question about a "friendship"


There's this guy I met some years ago. We got along very well and were friends. When we stopped having the same classes our friendship cooled down a bit and we saw each other less. I liked him a lot and there was a time when I would regularly ask him if we could see each other and he would always say he was busy. I stopped asking him and then he started asking me if we could do things but at the last minute he always said he couldnt come. This has been going on for like a year. I never again asked him but he keeps asking me. Last time he asked me out, he simply didnt come. He then apologized and offered to invite me to eat next day but canceled again. This situation has slowly made me so meh towards him and this friendship that I dont even feel like writing him anymore after I told him that this situation got old already.

Any opinions? I dont wanna be rude to anybody or let a friendship die but I really feel like trying and trying is beating a dead horse. Insights? Have you ever experienced something similar? How did it turn out?

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