pookykabuki (pookykabuki) wrote in thequestionclub,

Story time!

Dear TQC:

So I'm just finishing up my 2nd year at UBC in Biology, and I'm ridiculously unhappy with being in school right now. I really want to take a year off to go travel on my own next year, and then come back in fall of 2011 to school, and finish my degree in 2013 or 2014. It's only tentative right now, since I have until early September before my decision has to be finalized. I've already mentioned the idea to a few important people in my life, and so far the response has been pretty negative - "what if you don't finish your degree?" "Why don't you just finish your degree first and then you're free to go do whatever?"

Question: Have any of you ever taken a year off while in university? What did you do? How did you pay for it? Why did you take a year off?

(FYI: I work with Southwestern during the spring and summertime, so it's really only the fall months I'd be traveling or whatever.)
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