][ A Child of the Revolition ][ (tigertibbytabby) wrote in thequestionclub,
][ A Child of the Revolition ][

My college is putting on a production of RENT, basically every theater geek's fantasy. I'm out for the role of Mimi. These are the following odds in my favor:

- I'm a metzo-sopprano, meaning that Mimi's part seats itself perfectly into my range.

-I'm hispanic, therefore I also physically fit her appearance

-I'm slim and flexible, which means I can handle the immense dancing and balance required during Out Tonight

-I'm also, by nature, a very wild, sensual, and fun loving person, which I feel gives me a better insight to the reasons why Mimi does the things that she does.

The negatives:

-I'm not a senior in my department, meaning that such a prideful show will most likely be cast by the seniors. I'm a junior, so i'm not far off, but there might be a chance I may only get ensemble, which is fine with me.

-I might choke the audition, and all of this is pointless anyway.

I weighed the pros and cons, and the pros are in my favor, but am I secretly just kidding myself again and getting my hopes up for such a big part? Should I not get emotionally attached?

I also need a song for my audition, but it has to be a popular culture song, like lady gaga or something, really modern and pop-y, since that was the musical is; a rock opera. What should my song be? Suggestions?

Am I stupid for planning this months ahead?

If you don't care about my obsessions with my career, what part would you literally beat a bitch out to play?
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