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Not a moron; asking a moron question..

With that title, I will now ask this what would seem to be a stupid question to most. However, I have exhausted my install versions of windows [xp pro , xp pro sp2, win 2k pro] and hard drive.

What I am trying to do.... Import some video.

Though, what I have at the moment as an ATI All In Wonder RADEON 32MB. How can I get this to work with XP SP2 ? Or if needed win 2000 pro.

Alright, basically what OS and or drivers will allow this card to allow composite/tv tuner card video?

The ATI website is a hunk of junk, and has more links to downloads in various parts rather than information to download. Granted, the card is not supported anymore.

I just would like to know exactly what to download (and in what order) to get this card working for a video import project on some windows OS. I remember it working on windows xp...but never used it after the sp2. So, if anyone had/has this card and had it setup on anything from win2k up, I'd like to know how and if you could give me any direct links/ versions would really help me allot. I am about to write a strongly word letter to ATI... no, not really. they'd laugh.

Thanks if anyone could help!
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