k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

workout time!

Survey part:
1) Do you exercise regularly?

2a) Do you go to a gym?
2b) What equipment do you use in the gym?
2c) What kind of nifty amenities does your gym have?

3) Do you have any physical injuries/conditions that force you to take more care with your workout?

4) How much does your gym membership cost?

My questions:
5) I commute to college every day and we have access to the gym/healthplex through school because the healthplex was built on school grounds. As long as I'm enrolled in school, I have free membership. So after finals are over in the middle of December, will I be able to go to the gym between then and January when classes start up again?

6) Can I work out on a stairmaster if I have patellar tracking disorder? I forgot to ask today at the end of my last therapy session.
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