Caitlin Marie (groundbeeftaco) wrote in thequestionclub,
Caitlin Marie

I'm new to parenting.

My step daughter has come down with something awful. She coughs all the time and then throws up everything in her tummy and then cries and coughs. I took her to the doctors and got perscriptions for her cough (tylenol with codine) and something for the ear infection that I thought she had but wasn't sure about. So far she is taking a nap but she wakes up, coughs a lot, vomits, crys and holds me, and then goes back to sleep. Do you think this is going to go away sooner or later? She crys after she throws up and it is killing me. How do all of you with kids deal with them being sick?

What do you like to eat when you are sick? I'm thinking of making her grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner if she can eat it.

Should I play the sims while she is cuddling up next to me? I can't leave her because she just pukes without really saying anything and I need to catch it in a bowl and keep handing her juice.

Whats your favorite kids show? Or show from when you were a kid.
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