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I made friends with a couple a bit after moving into a dorm, who I met through my roommate. I don't want to use any names, so they can be X and Y. (Guess.) I would go to the rec center and eat together with them multiple times a week. Y graduates and moves back to Canada. (X is from Japan.) X and I hang out about the same, except that most of our friends from the dorms are gone and we do stuff together slightly more because of that. Over the summer, she goes back to Japan for vacation and stores her stuff from her dorm room in my room for the month she's gone. When she gets back, she doesn't immediately move all of her stuff back to her room. (I doubt this was an excuse to spend time with me, she was around me all the time anyway.) She asked me to help her simplify the English in her notes for a test in some history class. I didn't get done by the time she checked on the day I said I'd finish it by. (I had planned on doing it later that evening, and I was playing video games when she stopped by to ask about it, which would explain her short-term reaction, but...) She absolutely refused to speak to me after that, although she was polite when she finally came by to get the last of her boxes that were still stored in my room. This all took place last August. We still had a few mutual friends, but she would avoid any group activity where she thought I even *might* go. Recently she stopped speaking to two others in the group, which I found out when I asked the same thing I will ask here. (One of which she lives with.) I still talk to Y online occasionally, and we even had lunch together when he was visiting before the start of the current semester, planned at a time X would still be in class. (I was even helping him find a replacement laptop monitor on eBay along with instructions on how to install it without me, which was to replace the monitor shattered by X when she threw a shoe at her laptop when she was angry about something during her last trip to Japan to see her family.)

I know I make it sound like she's not as nice as she normally is, and I recently was reminded by reading some of my old journal entries, and I hate the thought of anyone not liking me if I still like them (if some random annoying person on the street doesn't like me, I tend not to care so much. :) ) So... I had the crazy idea that I would try apologizing again in an e-mail, and see if I could get her to be friendly with me again. Do you think it's worth the effort? (Keeping in mind that I was somewhat depressed at the time because I had trouble making and keeping friends that I could do things with regularly. She was probably the closest friend I had at the time. I still have the same problems, but I tend not to get upset over it now.) If one of your friends and did this to you, would you go out of your way to keep her as a friend?

Edit - Crap, in fixing this entry, I forgot what else I was going to ask. Anyone know what I was going to ask? Some totally unrelated, simpler question. But that's all I remember... *cry*
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