normalee (normalee) wrote in thequestionclub,

Get Rich Quick Schemes

I was just told, as yet another example of her craziness, my coworker in involved in some sort of make-money-while-you-sleep scheme. She has a little black box that she clips to her belt and she has to wear it from the moment she gets out of bed until the moment she goes to sleep. Apparently it monitors what tv stations she watches and radio stations she listens to. She didn't think that anyone would notice this thing and since her boss noticed it this morning she's going to just tell people it's a pager cause it's noone else's business what it is, etc etc etc. I have yet to see it myself but I am mighty curious. This woman is a total loon.

I googled around searching for more information about such a device or the company that is paying her and how much etc etc etc. I'm usually pretty good at finding random information but I must not be tuned into the GoogleUniverse today.

Anyone know what this thing is? How it works, physically? How much she'd get paid? Who in the world does this kind of thing? Have you ever done this sort of thing? What other kind of make-money-while-you-sleep-by-letting-us-feed-off-your-brainwave schemes are there out there? (Obviously I'm a bit biased towards thinking she's a crazy person who is being suckered into something but... I'm open to other ideas.)
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