Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm selling my hair on a website of other people selling their hair. The site's certainly full of fetishists, since offering the buyer the chance to do the actual cutting makes the average going rate increase tenfold. I'm okay with this, though my hair is already cut and will get less.

My trouble is this email I've gotten. He first sent me an email inquiring whether the hair was still for sale and what my highest offer so far was. I said it was still for sale and that I'd listed it less than 24 hours ago so I just had one offer -- $210.

"I'm glad to read from you soon, I'm Okay with your asking price , i Live in Lake city In Florida ,but presently i'm in Paris france for some business , i'm very serious in buying this ads , pls let me know your last asking price excluding shipping charges , bcos i have already prepare the pick-up arrangement , i have a local pick-up agent that will come to your resident and pick-up the ads , so you don't have to bother yourself , I want you to get back to me with the following information such as:
Your Full name:
Your street name and No :
Your Cell/home Phone Number:
Your last asking Price:

So that i can send you the payment asap , and after when you have get the money for the ads , you and my shipping agent will now arrange for the date and time for the pick-up , pls get back to me with the payment info today , I look forward to finalize this deal with you in good faith , Stay Bless with your family....."

Trying to scam me? Trying to stalk me? Fetishist typing with one hand, unaware of how skeevy his email is sounding? Note that my city/state/country are already included in the auction information.

Also, talking to a friend about it --He says if he had long hair he could probably sell it, and he as a man would be okay selling cutting privileges to a woman, but if he imagines being a woman he doesn't think he'd be comfortable selling cutting privileges to a man.
Would this freak you out, selling your hair to someone going to get off on it(going price around $200)? How about letting them cut it($2000)?

Edit: I know a lot of people choose to donate their hair. I choose not to, since my money is very tight right now. If you want to donate your hair, I applaud that -- Though I'd recommend not Locks of Love, actually, since they don't seem to get a lot done with it. see:
Pretend I'm selling furniture or something that doesn't come with an automatic pressure to donate it.
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