eLIZZabeth (entersandman) wrote in thequestionclub,

Without boring you with the details, I'm bipolar and not currently medicated for it. This causes me to neglect basic responsibilities for long stretches of time, such as keeping my living space reasonably clean. Well, I randomly ended up cleaning my kitchen last night. After throwing away about a month's worth of garbage and cleaning a huge stack of moldy dishes (I know, I'm sorry), it actually looks nice. The only problem is my counter's got a couple weird orange rust-like rings that neither Scrubbing Bubbles nor Lysol could get rid of. Any idea how I can get rid of these?

My apartment is rampant with lady bugs- as in, there's at least 30 on my kitchen ceiling right now (that's not including a pile of them stuck in the spider web that I'm really not looking forward to cleaning). There are also usually a ton of them congregating on my door frame, waiting to get to the party inside. Is this a common midwest thing (I'm from New York, but I'm temporarily living in Indiana), or is it because my apartment was filthy for so long? I'd normally assume it was the latter but I don't have any ants marching around here to confirm that theory. What can I do to get rid of the lady bugs? Sicking the vacuum on them is not my first choice, by the way.
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