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I need to make baby shower invitations. I have never made invitations before in my life. Does this sound half decent?(I got most of the wording from VistaPrint). Are there any glaringly obvious mistakes that I should know about before I send them out to 30 people?

Join us for a baby shower honoring

Jen Lastname

March 28, 2010
at noon

At the home of Rebecca Lastname
1906 Oak Street
Suite 1987, Building A

Please RSVP to Paula at (604) 280-4444
by March 21, 2010

We hope you can make it!

She's not registering anywhere, so I don't need to include that, I don't think. Now, me and Paula are hosting the shower together. I don't need to say "Please RSVP to Paula at (604) 280-4444 or Rebecca at (604) 280-4445" do I? Is it too confusing if the shower is at Rebecca's house, but you're calling Paula to say if you're attending?

Do you have any ideas of anything cuter than "We hope you can make it!"?
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