jenna_pie (jenna_pie) wrote in thequestionclub,

job indesicion possible tl/dr

I went to college for Communications and graduated Spring of 08.

I have 2 part time jobs for cox radio, one as a promotions assistant and one as an events assistant. I help create over 30 large scale, revenue generating events per year and I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. I only make minimum wage, and the hours are sporadic. One week I can work 20-30 or 40 hours, and the next,only 5. Because of this, I babysit and pick up other random promo jobs.

I've finally decided to start looking for something full time, because although I know I'd be next in line for any position that opens up with my current job, nothing has been opening up for 2 years. Positions are being removed, not created.

Because I'm great at saving and budgeting, I make enough money to pay my bills and live relatively comfortably without struggling too much, but I have no health insurance. I am relatively healthy, aside from high cholesterol (genetic) which I've been combatting with diet and exercise. I cannot afford to pay for my own health insurance.

I have an opportunity to work as an administrative assistant (secretary) for a small private college. I know that this is definitely not what I want to, I would probably be unhappy (read: really unhappy) with my job...BUT I would have a steady income and health insurance. I'd assume that this would only be temporary, but it would be hard to look for another job with a 40hr week.

So TQC, do I stay with my part time jobs I love, and keep looking for the perfect job in the field I really want to work in, or do I settle for the time being at a job I'll probably hate for steady income and health insurance?

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