azetburcaptain (azetburcaptain) wrote in thequestionclub,

Tracking down the other seasons of Made in Canada

Canadian Question TIEM!!!

So recently I was able to track down the first season of Made in Canada. I would buy it on DVD but it's out of print. Who do I contact in order to convince to re-release it, and with the first season release the other ones on DVD? This series ran until 2003. It should all be on DVD.

this series was shown on the television channel CBC. But it was produced by Salter Street Company, which was sold to Atlantis, and then became the Halifax Film Company which turned into DHX Media in 2008. This is so confusing to me. Who owns this series now? Who do I contact? Do people do this kind of thing? I'm sure they have some "Public Relations" or "Customer Service" department. I know CBC does!

Thanks in advance for even reading this mess :) .

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