Pleasure without conscience (failingbeauty) wrote in thequestionclub,
Pleasure without conscience

Ok, here's one for ya...

I've been talking to this guy at work for a little bit now- not very long, but Im way interested and would like to get to know him better. He's intelligent and charming and all that jazz, we talked 'til 4am the other night; it was so nice to just click with someone. So he tells me about how he's had shitty, shallow relationships before and he doesn't want that anymore (Im with him there.) He tells me he doesn't want the typical girl we work with- not just sex. So we talk and all is peachy until last night; we went to a party, he got drunk and was ALL about the sex. Hanging all over all my friends from work, all over me, very grabby and just very everything he said he didn't want. I was so disgusted I just went home. Im still disgusted, but I still like him- the sober him, I guess. So, my question is: Which is the real him? Anyone been in this situation before? Is it even worth it?
He says he used to be "that guy" who is a total jerk and no one likes. He said he works hard to not be that guy, and that I wouldn't have liked him. I think I met "that guy" last night, and he's right, I didn't like him.
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