Sexy Can I (keskt) wrote in thequestionclub,
Sexy Can I


About a month ago I applied for a job I found on craigslist (lol) and I had a long conversation with the guy the next day about it. At the end of the call he was like well call me Monday morning (this was a Friday) and we'll arrange a time for you to come in and see if this works out. I of course called him Monday morning, I left a message, and I never heard back from him. I think I should have handled it differently (left a message but also said I'd call him back, etc) but what's done is done. ANYWAY I see now that the job is reposted. Would it be really out of line to send my info again? My impression was that as of ending the phone interview with me, he was still interested and I was definitely confused as to what I could have done wrong in my message to him on Monday that would have changed his mind.
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