M. (mmmsogood) wrote in thequestionclub,

Another iPod question, don't you just want to kill me -_-

Last one, I promise...here's the situation.

I'm thinking between buying an iPod mini, 4gb, for $225 CAD/~$191 USD
An iPod nano (haven't decided on the size, but probably 4gb @ 289 CAD/~$245 USD)

My concerns are the obvious ones, and I'm not too crazy about paying a significantly larger amount for the same amount of space (nor am I crazy for the 15% additional taxes, but anyway). I believe the nano is the one that uses flash memory, which is a plus for me, but at the same time, I've heard it scratches up easily. I take care of my stuff pretty well, but is a nano really more susceptible to damage than a mini? My campus techshop has a clearance sale for the mini one (it's around $25 off regular price for the clearance minis, and the nanos are $10 off regular price all the time), so I'm wondering if I should grab it while I can, or get the new one...is newer really better?

What would you do in this situation? (And let's just say, for the sake of this question, you *had* to pick one of the two models mentioned above ^_^)

OHHH yeah, and the Apple care protection plan...whatever it's called. Is it essential you purchase it? Will you be screwed over if you don't, or is it just a chance to get some more money from the consumer?
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