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Help me pick music classes

I want to take 2 semesters of performance music next year. Orchestra runs all year, so I can take that or I can take 2 semesters of different music lessons. If I took orchestra, I'd be playing the flute; I'm not very good but I can almost certainly make the audition. There are no auditions for lessons.

Instrument access: I have a flute (and my voice obviously) at school. I don't have my own piano but I have access to a bunch of music practice rooms with pianos in them. If I took guitar, I'd be bringing a guitar (probably acoustic) back from home over the summer.

As far as skill goes: I played the flute for all of middle and high school. I took piano lessons in elementary school but have since forgotten most of it. I've never had voice lessons outside of a music theory class, but I can pitch-match, and I can sight-sing decently if the melody is mostly stepwise. I've only played guitar a few times, but I've played bass guitar for a few years now. Edit: Also, I have taken a jazz (performance) class before on bass guitar.

Poll #1532036 Which music classes should I take?

Which music classes should I take?

Orchestra (2 semesters)
Voice lessons and piano lessons
Voice lessons and flute lessons
Voice lessons and guitar lessons

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