Something Clever Should Go Here... (manda_babylon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Something Clever Should Go Here...

Image Editing Program Suggestions

I'm looking for a program to edit images on, but I can't find anything that works the way I want it to. I used to use ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5, and that was 95% perfect for what I wanted it for. Now I run Windows 7 and 5.5 isn't compatible with it. I've tried PhotoStudio 6, but it is balls and I hate it. It won't even run anymore for me without crashing every five seconds.

Things I need the program to do:
1) Have layers.
2) Have text.
3) Let me copy and paste by right clicking instead of using shortcut keys and/or going to the top of the page and back, because that is tedious as hell when you are making hundreds of icons. (<-This is what usually makes or breaks a program for me.)
4) Let me crop, magic wand, cut stuff out, etc.
5) Straight line tool.
6) Stuff like stamps, shapes, etc. are nice.

I've tried Paint.NET and PhotoFiltre, but those don't do what I need them to do. My husband has Photoshop, but I don't understand how to use it, and I'd like something a lot less complicated, since all I do really is make icons. Can anyone make some image editing program suggestions for someone who is not good with computer? Free is good, but I'm willing to pay if it will do what I need it to.

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