umbluemusic (umbluemusic) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you ever submitted something to Lamebook?

I just did and I am so hopeful about it getting posted.

If you were a typically unattractive person, and had a "hot" wife, would you feel like its appropriate to post this picture up on your facebook with absolutely no privacy filters? And not just this one, but a series of them, some of which show nips?

I obviously put a little box over her face for some anonymity, along with the caption for the picture compliments of her husband.

If you were the person's wife, how would you feel about your goodies being on display for all of his facebook friends? Because as far as I can see, these pictures have been up since October and she apparently is ok with that.

They have a two year old child. How awesome would it be if they keep their facebooks until the kid is grown up, and then he friends his parents and sees his mom with skoal over her boobs?

Do you have any "friends" like these that you keep around just for the lulz? Because I haven't talked to this guy since I worked with him ages ago, but the amusing shit he posts just blows my mind.

Do you have any white trash stories to share with me?

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